Advantages of a portable 3D Scanner

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A portable 3D scanner offers practicality in transport and is a lightweight and compact device. For these reasons, it is highly sought after by 3D printing and additive manufacturing companies.

A portable equipment gives more credibility to the manufacture of three-dimensional parts, due to its high level of precision that allows a quick configuration, with efficient operation. More than that, other advantages of the portable 3D scanner include:

  • Easy to handle and operate, with an objective and practical instruction manual;
  • Fast digitization, a factor that positively impacts the rationalization of production processes in companies;
  • Versatility: SHINING 3D scanners can be used in various segments (industries from all sectors, design, dental industry, educational segment, among others);
  • The portable equipment can also be mounted on a fixed tripod.

It is important to note that the equipment must be purchased by companies recognized in the market that can assure their customers of the guarantee of all their products. Another important point is that technical assistance should be valued, offering the preventive maintenance of the 3D scanner, in order to avoid inconveniences with operational failures that can compromise the entire production flow of the company. With UP3D you can be safe when purchasing your 3D scanner.