Reverse engineering with Pro2xPlus

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SHINING’S EinScan Pro 2X Plus fits as the perfect tool for 3D scanning in a multitude of applications, such as: small-scale 3D modeling, digital archiving, human body scanning, interior architecture and reverse engineering of mechanical parts.

SHINING 3D reinforced the equipment’s effectiveness by partnering with two software industry giants to provide the user with a total package: SHINING 3D’s RED Bundle (Reverse Engineering and Design), compatible with all native CAD workflows. This package includes everything needed to scan and project the job, including the Industrial Pack (tripod and turntable) and licenses for 3D Systems Geomagic Essentials and SIEMENS Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition.

Geomagic Essentials is the perfect bridge to digitize CAD workflows. CAD models are solid models, as they are designed to be this way. 3D scans are different in that they come from real-world objects and show the imperfections that an object can have. This is one of the biggest challenges that engineers face when working with 3D scans. Geomagic Essentials allows the user to prepare and perfect 3D scanning before bringing it into CAD software. The process of filling holes to fill the holes left by the markers is continuous and executed perfectly by the software. Essentials allows you to exclude redundant areas and align the scan coordinates, making it perfect for working in more rigorous CAD environments.

Dessa forma, a colaboração entre essas o scanner de ponta da SHINING 3D, o RED Bundle e o Geomagic Essentials, criou uma excelente ferramenta para otimizar a engenharia reversa.

In this way, the collaboration between these leading edge scanners from SHINING 3D, the RED Bundle and Geomagic Essentials, created an excellent tool to optimize reverse engineering.

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